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The sliding mechanism of the phones is quite well designed. I was worried about the durability of the fragile hinge connecting the screen to the keypad. This phone is a gift by Nokia for the internet savvy mobile using population because of the pleasure which one gets in watching all the sites on the large screen.

The best thing a bride can do to make my job easier is to trust me. If I have the trust and respect of the bride and groom, most wedding days go off without a hitch! I don’t need much time during the wedding but the little bit of time I need is best organized by letting the families know about being available for photographs at a certain point throughout the day. If there is time set aside for that, everything will be a breeze!

A simple element to look for during the day that will greatly improve your photos particularly when you need to tone down bright, over-exposed spots that have previously ruined the entire photo.

Everyone likes to go out to dinner from time to time, and having you pay for part or all of it will be a nice gesture and a treat. You can always take them to lunch or dinner yourself, but this will give them a way to take their spouse or significant other out for a nice evening without any hint of business, but they’ll remember the kind gesture for quite some time to come and you’ll get to photograph their latest product line.