Best Images and Photography


There have already been some games released that use the balance board to do things like ski, snowboard, skateboard, and cheerlead, but I have yet to try them out, so they cannot make my top 10.

Ask plenty of questions. Have a list ready when meeting with the photographer so you do not forget anything. Include things like asking where they learned professional portrait photography and how long have, they been doing it. Do not forget to ask if they have any kind of guarantee for when your shoot is done, and you do not like the photos taken. Always ask for testimonials or if you can call prior clients.

Fourth: Are the lessons fast? Or do they drag on and on? You want to be out there shooting not stuck reading a boring lesson. You want a course that has dumped all the fluff and gets right to the point. You should strive to spend an hour or less hitting the books and get out there shooting!

After asking all the proper questions and looking at the portfolio make sure you feel at ease and comfortable with them. It is a very personal thing doing professional portraits and if you do not feel comfortable with your photographer the photos will suffer and no one will be happy. Make sure you feel good about going to talk to them if you want something changed during the shoot or have your own ideas.