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If it’s the sun then you need to get it behind you and slightly at an angle to the subject. Unless you specifically want the subject backlit, don’t put the subject in front of the sun. Above all know where the sun is and how it will affect the photo. Ascertain what kind of light it is i.e. strong sun or filtered sun through the clouds on an overcast day. The time of day will also affect the image and if the light is too low you’ll need a tripod or some form of support.

The Downtown Burbank Fine Arts Festival is in full swing this weekend, and Sunday is the last day to enjoy the popular event. Spanning three blocks of San Fernando Boulevard, from Olive Avenue to Magnolia Boulevard, in the heart of the downtown shopping district, the festival features more than 100 artists and entertainers working in a variety of styles and media.

You will find an 8.1 mega pixel auto focus camera that comes with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and has various features like HD video recording, LED flash, geo tagging, image stabilizer and many more. The camera is ready when you are to capture the most terrific images as they are. The Sony mobile is the only one of its kind to be incorporated with CMOS sensor that can control the noise and provide noise free images that are brighter and sharper. It features the 2D and the 3D sweep panorama photography that enhances the value of the device. It comes with touch focus to choose the manual and select the feature in the camera.

Lines can be used to draw attention to a certain point in a photo. They provide a focus of attention. Lines are also used to convey movement and tension.

You want to make sure that you have enough light to capture the details. Remember that we don’t have colors to distinguish and make details. We have to let the light do the trick. A beautiful blue sky will look gray in a black and white photo.

If there is nothing then you don’t have a problem. Most of the time there is and you need to deal with the problem. Backgrounds that are cluttered or similar in colour to your subject need to be dealt with. Change the viewpoint, angle or your position to place the subject in front of a better background if necessary. Too much clutter in the back will compete with the subject for attention, so be careful. The same goes for the foreground. Although not as important there must not be anything there that is distracting. And of course decide if you want the background sharp or blurred with a shallow depth of field.

Use a tripod to capture the most clear and precise landscape shots. Using a steady base under the camera can be great for landscapes, since you can adjust the settings without worrying about the camera shaking.

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